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Raised on Rock brings you the rock music of the 80's along with some classic and current hits.  They play popular music with staying power that lends appeal to the Baby Boomers all the way through Generation X.  Your favorite rock hits are delivered with an energetic and engaging enthusiasm that has people on their feet dancing, singing along, reliving a time when music was anthem, guitars were smokin' and vocals meant something!

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, Raised on Rock is known for infusing a bit of comedy into their show promoting audience engagement.    All Raised on Rock shows are 100% live with no pre-recorded sampling tracks (unless you count Storm's talking toilet).  A group of four talented and versatile musicians, that aren't afraid to switch it up a bit. Whether it's Johnny on Lead Vocals, Storm on Bass, Pam on Drums, or Chris taking over the Lead, you'll never know what's coming next!!!  It's like having 4 different bands in one night!!!

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One of Cleveland's most talented female vocalists, Pam has an incredible vocal range spanning four octaves that allows her to easily cover many different genres of music. Although, her heart and inspiration lies with 80's rock and metal bands, such as Dokken, Queensryche, and Stryper, she applies her vocal talents beautifully to a range of artists such as Heart, Pat Benatar, and Journey. Pam started out as a drummer and has played in The Billy Morris band, Double Take and Tequila Child. A versatile musician, she always surprises, then impresses the crowd when she jumps behind the drums for a few songs.  One of the highlights of an ROR show is when Pam belts out the vocally challenging ballad by Steelheart, just amazing! It will give you the chills.

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Johnny was playing in the Cleveland music scene before he even had his driver's license. In the 80's, Johnny played with successful Cleveland original bands such as Kidd Wicked, Tame and Bad Madame. Johnny was pulled out of Rock n Roll retirement, by his former Tame bandmate, Stormin Norman, to join him and Pam in the now defunct Hollywood Boulevard (80's hair metal tribute band).  Johnny is enjoying playing again and his vocals give Raised on Rock their full sounding harmonies.   Also a talented lead vocalist, Johnny takes over the stage to do a cover of Rebel Yell, that even Billy Idol would be proud of.

Chris Sims~GUITAR
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Chris started gigging in the mid 80's as the original lead guitarist in Midnight Angel, as well as Nasty (Ritual) Racheal..In the late 80's Chris joined forces with Johnny and Storm in their original project called Tame. Chris also played with Storm in the early 90's in Double D.  Chris left the Akron/Cleveland music scene for a 20 year stint in law enforcement while still playing in local cover bands and teaching guitar.  Chris brings with him all the bells, whistles and lasers to fill out the ROR sound. 
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Master of the Cowbell...Stormin Norman is a rock solid drummer, who really knows how to put on a show. Sticks spinning, hair flying, you can't take your eyes off of him because you don't know what he will do next. Storm also played in the 80's Cleveland music scene; however he went on hiatus to pursue stand up comedy and acting during the 90's. You may have heard him on The Howard Stern show or seen him in seen him in the movies, "The Girl Next Door", "Austin Powers 3", or "Autofocus". Not to fear, Storm still brings with him his comedic talents to each ROR show!!! Whether he is banging his giant 2 foot cowbell, spouting off one liners or performing atop his drum chair.... he is entertaining...let's just say that!  Storm also takes over duties of lead vocals for a few songs generating a lot of crowd participation!


Photo credits

The majority of photos and video on the site are taken by Storm's wife, Dana.  However, we are fortunate to have some very talented friends that are professional photographers.  Throughout the site, you will see work from Les Canter, Angie Koncar, Music Cleveland, Jeff Hace and Jerry Garnsey.  Please consider them for your photography needs.
www.blues145.com (Jeff Hace's website)
Les Canter and Angie Koncar can be contacted on their Facebook page