The Story of Dolly Llama

Stormin Norman went through a phase where he would tag many of his comedic stories with a Llama reference.  As a joke, his wife bought him a blow up llama for Christmas, but it didn't arrive from China in time to make it under the tree.  Instead his wife secretly delivered it to Stormin Norman while he was playing at a gig.  Affectionately named the Dolly Llama, a rock star was born!  The Llama jokes were flying around that night and the entire club had a blast with her.  At the next show everyone wanted to know where Dolly was, especially the ladies.  What was supposed to be a one night prank turned into the making of the Raised on Rock mascot.  Dolly now has her own fan club and Facebook page.  She can be seen at select Raised on Rock shows, surfing the crowd, posing for pictures, giving llama rides or consoling the poor soul who had too much to drink at the end of the night.  This Llama ain't about no drama....only good times and laughs when Dolly makes her appearance!
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They Really Were Raised on Rock!

Where is in the World is Raised on Rock?

On 12-11-2011 Storm's friend, David Magden purchased his first Raised on Rock T-Shirt.  The rest is history!  He is our official one man billboard spreading the ROR love across the Globe!   Click here to see where our ROR shirt has been......

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Once Upon a Cowbell

The story of how Stormin Norman's beloved Cowbell was brought back to life.  Click here to see the story....